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V Lights Hair Extensions Client Review

Updated: 2 days ago

V light hair extensions
V Light Hair Extension Transformation

In my role as a hairstylist, it is not always possible to provide you with the firsthand experience necessary to decide on trying new services such as V-Light, Beam Light, or any solvent-based hair extension technique. Client feedback is invaluable in guiding you through such decisions. Annette, one of my clients, has kindly permitted me to share her 12-week experience with these techniques.

After experimenting with test strands during the first six weeks, she gained sufficient experience to move forward with the complete application and her upcoming color touch-up.

Towanna: How was your experience with this method of hair extensions?

Annette: The texture blend is amazing. I have experienced very little loss of strands. I was expecting more shedding. I have been using clip-in hair extensions for years and its been amazing to be able to just get up and go without having to worry about the clip-ins.

Towanna: Has there been any negatives to wearing V-Light hair extensions, in your experience?

Annette: There was something that was a learning experience, which was right after I left my application appointment. I went to the beach and sat in the sun for hours. I felt the attachments starting to heat up so much that I had to grab a hat to shield my scalp.

Towanna: That is something we need to know. However, with these extensions being cured with LED UV light, it makes sense that the bond would withstand high exposure to natural UV rays, like the sun. Therefore, wearing something to protect the scalp when outdoors in the sun for a long period of time is essential. It is important to allow the resin 24 hours to set as well as wait until after your first shampoo before high sun exposure to see if that helps remove any resin that may not have fully cured during the application process. Wearing a hat or scarf for UV protection is advised.

Having consulted with various vendors, it is advised to allow for extra curing time for larger attachment areas to ensure that the glue is completely dried on the inside.

Towanna: When was the shedding at its peak after we first applied the V-Light hair extensions?

Annette: It was really just the first few days. After that, the shedding dramatically decreased.

I was featured in an article in XOXO Magazine earlier this year, where I shared my initial thoughts on this new and innovative technique. I firmly believe that it should be a staple on every hair extension specialist's service menu. It's important to note that the V-Light Hair Extension technology was introduced to the public primarily through social media, without comprehensive formal training beyond brief video clips. Only recently has the company begun providing pre-recorded educational materials, which unfortunately do not allow for interactive Q&A sessions. As this approach gains popularity and more client feedback is received, we will gain a better understanding of how it can best benefit potential clients. I personally experimented with a few test strands and was astounded by how well they filled in my fine hair. However, due to my hair color, blending the strands would require excessive heat, risking damage to my natural hair. Prospective clients should be prepared to be patient with the technique and acknowledge the variances in both home and salon maintenance procedures. For more details, you can read my original article on V-Light hair extensions by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in learning more about the V-Light Hair Extension application process to add to your salon services you can grab a copy of my "V-Light Hair Extension Manual". This 30-page PDF covers all the information you need to successfully add this service to your salon menu. Click HERE to grab your copy.

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